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Winter Pottery Sale

December 4 and 6

9:00 am to 1:30 pm.

FHSU Memorial Union

Clay Plus One Workshop

Summer 2011

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Characters created for the LifeMap represent the main stages of life – Youth, Young Adulthood, Maturity,and Aged. Some students dressed to symbolize a stage in life and acted as artists modeing their experience onto another student/model. Here Christy Kosmicki transforms Christina Lamoureaux into a joyful old woman.The scars of mid-life depict how sins can twist our character.Wrinkles are lines mapping life experience.Released from the responsibilities of daily care for children, age offers new choices, possibly a second career.Age allows more time for friendship, fun and ART!Childhood is a time for experiencing and making sense of the world. Play is a way of learning.Maturity offers empowerment and self realization, along with responsibility and work. The artist/Lucille Ball is Stasya Berber, our model is Debi Cox.