This 30 minute radio talk blog interview discusses the concepts behind Push Play and of the more challenging works in Push Play.

Raymond Gonzalez
Install view of the Sarah Lindley and Norwood Viviano

Gallery view

Margaret Keelan

Diego Romero
Diego Romero

Anne Drew Potter
Anne Drew Potter
Ian Thomas and Ryder Richards
Derrick Reeverts
Beth Cavener Stichter
Beth Cavener Stichter
Rebekah Bogard
Kiki Smith
Yoko Sekino Bove
Brian Boldon
Christina West
Mark Chatterley
Push Play sign as you get off the elevator
Sam Scott
Sam Scott
Push Play Wall text panel
Megumi Naitoh
Adrian Arleo
Jessica Gardner
The snow and ice melted and our flight took off on time, delivering us to Kansas City in time for my Bodycast Figurative Workshop at Brackers.