Elizabeth's Offering Based on Queen Elizabeth I of England, I sculpted the upper body of porcelain paperclay. I collaborated with Jillian Thompson who fabricated the wrought iron skirt. It is intended to show how Elizabeth changed the fashion of skirts to a wider more impressive form. She certainly knew how to dress to impress.

Hot Clay/Cool Characters

Idyllwild WorkshopJune 24 – June 30, 2012 I plan to share my techniques for creating and working with body cast molds to create figurative sculptures.  The workshop will be handson and interactive.

Be sure to coat the bodypart in a mold release. I use Vaseline. Start at the bottom and work up to avoid molding the plaster drips.

The mold is a tool and can also be a great reference for adding realistic detail.
Hair is a powerful sculptural element in figurative sculpture. In art, every decision has meaning and while bald can be beautiful, there are many other solutions including mixed media “wigs”, but I enjoy adding life and movement to my figures through their hair. Hair, like clothing, ties a figure to time and place as well as offers clues about class, race, age and personality. These images show how I work with slab and coils to create this elaborate, European hairdo in creating a cast of characters for my Sabbatical Ball, exploring the infulence of Europe.